The Feldenkrais® Method:
moving well with the wisdom of function.  



Are your movement habits causing you pain?Feldenkrais® teacher Andrew Gibbons trains people to move with precise support, balance, fluidity, strength and flexibility.  Read what clients are saying. 

Andrew describes whole body awareness from a Feldenkrais perspective and how to produce better musical sound by finding greater skeletal support in sitting. This video offers a mini-demonstration of key principles to be aware of in sitting that will give lightness to your arms and hands. These key principles can be applied to more than just playing piano or using a musical instrument, 

Feldenkrais Exercise Programs for Personal Practice

The Shoulder Program, Part 1

Create flexible, relaxed and functionally fit shoulders, arms, and hands. 

A Leg Up, Part 1

Create sturdy, flexible, functional legs for better balance, stamina and power.  


Enhancing the Breath for Internal Support

Create calm, clear functionally flexible breathing  with these restorative lessons. 

Fluid Torso, Weightless Limbs

 Move lighter, longer, and stronger than ever before!

Training for Accuracy, Part 1

Tap your potential for greater precision in your self-organization, flexibility and performance. 

Starter Kit
15.00 20.00

Four easy Awareness Through Movement® lessons to get you started with your Feldenkrais study.