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Preparing the Foot to Take Weight

  • Body of Knowledge 41 Union Square West, #409 New York, NY 10003 USA (map)

Before you restart your Fall workout routine, wouldn’t you like a detailed understanding of how your foot works? How it functions to support the weight of the rest of your body? To help you maximize the dynamic support your foot can offer, this Feldenkrais workshop will teach you to uncover a superior level of stability, flexibility and clarity in your feet and ankles. 

Andrew Gibbons will demonstrate both the anatomical landmarks and the optimal functional patterns of the foot that support you best in standing, walking, squatting and sitting. Using Awareness Through Movement lessons you will explore and clarify specific patterns of support and timing in the foot, ankle and knee, and how to pass that support up into the pelvis and lower back.

If you’ve ever wanted a set of clear criteria for how the feet can and should work, this workshop is an excellent place to start.

As a participant you will: 

  1. Distinguish the structural and proprioceptive parts of the foot.
  2. Control the flow of weight into the proper parts of the heel, forefoot and ankle.  
  3. Use the ankle's "gliding" action to create power or momentum for walking, stairs, jogging. 
  4. Discover how a poorly organized foot relates to pain and discomfort in the hips, knees and lower back and neck.  
  5. Appreciate how the different toes contribute to bearing weight skillfully.  

This workshop will include:  

  1. Talk and demonstration with a model skeleton and workshop participants.
  2. Awareness Through Movement floor work and standing work.  
  3. Portable practices you can easily incorporate into your day.   
  4. Time for Q&A.  

 About the teacher: As a sought-after Feldenkrais teacher for over 12 years, Andrew Gibbons has worked with professional athletes, and world class musicians, as well as people dealing with injuries, discomfort and the issues of personal performance.  Known for a teaching style that is simple, specific and down-to-earth, Andrew enjoys helping his students create clear criteria for re-building and refining their movement health and function.


Faulty modes of standing and walking produce flat feet, and it is the mode of standing and walking that must be corrected, and not the feet. learning a better use of control, the feet...will again adjust themselves and change their shape and function accordingly. The transformations that can be produced, and their rapidity, sometimes border on the incredible.
— Moshe Feldenkrais, PhD., "Body and Mature Behavior" (pg 203)

Please note:

  • Dress in loose, comfortable clothing. 
  • Mats and support pads are provided. 
  • On Saturdays, the entrance to 41 Union Square West is found on 17th street, just west of Union Square (look for the gold awning). 
  • Where: 41 Union Square West, Room #409, New York, NY 10003.  
  • When: Thursday, Sept 26th, 5:30 – 8:30 pm.  


Audio Feldenkrais Programs with Andrew Gibbons


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