The Way of the Foot


The Way of the Foot


Getting to the Source of Good Posture

5 Thursdays

May 5 – June 9 (no class Thur, May 26)
6:00 – 7:30 pm
Location: 41 Union Square West, #409

Tuition: $150 before May 1, $180 thereafter

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When you understand the foot clearly, your posture and movement begin to have a future. 

This 5-class course will introduce you to the Feldenkrais principles and practices that help you produce stable balance and fluid, supported action.  The lessons combine Awareness Through Movement lessons that both highlight the foot, as well as lessons that put the organization of your feet into the big picture of skeletally supported action.  If you like to walk, run, hike, or simply spend time on your feet in your commute or at work, these classes offer the important details you need to be comfortable and efficient. Participants in the course will learn: 

  1. Daily practical exercises for better sitting, standing, walking, and climbing stairs.
  2. To understand the foot and its relationship with the floor as a basis for action, not static position
  3. To distinguish where power and momentum come from in the foot.
  4. How the toes contribute to balance and it's recovery.
  5. How to manipulate the arches in the feet and the ankle to support your pelvis, spine, and neck. 
  6. To sense the path of stability through the foot, and how to find that path in sitting, standing and walking.