Training for Accuracy, Part 2


Training for Accuracy, Part 2


Tap your potential for greater precision in your self-organization, flexibility and performance. 

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Does your daily practice or workout feel like drudgery?  Would you like to feel lighter, more fluid, and more skillful in your body? Do you want more specificity and creativity in your daily training for your sport or performing art?  

Training for Accuracy will introduce you to new levels of precision in your self-organization. With over 15 hours of Awareness Through Movement lessons taught by Andrew Gibbons, this series is for people who want to take their training deeper with the principles of The Feldenkrais Method

Whether you're a weekend runner, a committed gym rat, or a jazz musician, studying with "Training for Accuracy" will help you develop sensitivity and fluidity you didn't know you had.  

Training for Accuracy will help you:  

  1. Raise your standards for healthy coordination
  2. Find more consistent, specific skeletal support from the ground.  
  3. Find more space in the moment to sense what you need for the next moment.  
  4. Unplug from "performance mode" so you can truly learn and build new skills.  
  5. Create clearer, stronger internal support for your posture and movement.  
  6. Develop a longer, more flexible spine for lighter limbs.  
  7. Move with clarity and efficiency and less willpower.  
  8. Support the flexibility in your torso and arms with a better use of the feet, hips and pelvis.  
  9. Understand how your skeleton and muscles work together for higher performance.  

Track List for Part 2 (MP3 format): 

  1. Straightening the Knee by Withdrawing the Hip (54:43)
  2. Symmetry: A Plane Divides the Body, Part 1 (78:31)
  3. Symmetry: A Plane Divides the Body, Part 2 (47:33)
  4. Cascade Roll from the Side (60:37) 
  5. Organizing the Torso by Dragging the Limbs (46:31)
  6. Double Hoops (55:59) 
  7. Rolling the Head Between the Hands (66:16) 

New to Awareness Through Movement?

Click here to read the guidelines for getting the most out of your practice.  

Using Your Audio Files

The entire program comes as a single .zip file.  The zip file you'll receive is 148mb. Once you've purchased the course, you'll receive an email with a secure link to download the audio. 

  1. Click the link to save it to your computer.
  2. Double click on the downloaded .zip file to open the mp3 files
  3. Drag the MP3 files into your favorite audio program (iTunes, etc...)