The Shoulder Program, Part 2


The Shoulder Program, Part 2


Create flexible, relaxed and functionally fit shoulders, arms, and hands. 

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Most of us have no “technique” for using our arms and shoulders in daily life. Instead, we arrive at a way that seems “good enough”. Good enough to carry the groceries, good enough to play a little tennis, good enough to do a few pushups at the gym. Over time we learn that our “good enough” technique simply isn’t adequate. We end up living with chronic pain, loss of flexibility, discomfort in bed, and a dwindling repertoire of activities we can enjoy unfettered.

This audio program will teach you, step by step, the Feldenkrais® principles which, if you learn to live by them, ensure that your arms and shoulders will not only function at their best, but actually improve with use. 

Track Listings for Part 2 of The Shoulder Program.  

  1. Sidelying, Hands Interlaced (35:19)
  2. Breathing Variations (36:11)
  3. Arms Behind the Back, Part 1 (44:42)
  4. Arms Behind the Back, Part2 (13:51)
  5. Lifting the Pelvis, with Arms Behind (29:09)
  6. The Sternum Becomes Flexible (76:31)
  7. Arms Sliding into Rolling (80:12)
  8. Extensor Variations (72:55)

The Shoulder Program has two simple objectives:

  1. To train you to connect the movements of your arms and shoulders deeply and skillfully into your torso.
  2. To teach you to habitually call up that organization whenever you want it.

By working safely and intelligently with these principles, you will discover a superior way of using your shoulders and back for every kind of activity: from typing at a computer, carry things in your hands and over your shoulders, working out at the gym, walking and running, and artistic activities like dance and musical performance.

  • Free your neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands from unnecessary pain and stiffness.
  • Gain a clear, solid support from the ground in every movement you make.
  • Understand how to access power in the back, shoulders, arms and hands.
  • Study the 5 key relationships that connect the arm to the torso.
  • Use your exercises (push ups, etc) to actually train for precision instead of willpower.
  • Integrate your shoulders in better breathing and vice versa.
  • Clarify what “ball in socket” actually means for how you aim your arm and shoulder.
  • Develop strong, responsive, posture that improves your balance and stamina.
  • Build a daily personal practice that will serve you in the activities and goals you pursue, be they physical fitness, daily chores, the performing arts, and simply learning how to live in comfort.

New to Awareness Through Movement?

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Using your audio files:

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