Private Sessions


When you come to me for help, you may already be familiar with what bothers you: your shoulder is painful; an old yoga injury has resurfaced; you can't get comfortable at your desk; you may be recovering from surgery, or dealing with an injury or other conditions diagnosed by a physician. From our first session we begin to explore how your habits of movement and support have formed the foundation for your current quality of life.

First, we must understand the habitual conditions under which you maintain your discomfort. From here we can begin to uncover your capacity, and provide you with useful criteria to move and function in your life.

When you uncover the principles of good posture and specific skeletal support you will begin to create a better quality of life. In all likelihood, you will be learning and studying your self in a way that is far more specific and comprehensive than you have encountered before. 

For most people, their physical education has been poor. PE class in school consisted of learning sports and their rules and the training of willpower for its own sake. Even those lucky enough to have enjoyed success in sports, music and dance are often barely literate in the underlying principles that govern truly skillful behavior. I have been lucky to work with a number of world class performing artists and professional athletes, and the training that most of them received contained precious little about how to live and move in ways that were biologically fit or even comfortable.

The good news is that if you can move, you can learn.  Your ability to use your attention to improve your movement and the quality of your life is an evergreen resource that I will help you cultivate.  Clients are often surprised to discover a personal joy and pleasure in the learning process. 


Most people prefer 1 or 2 weekly private lessons.  But according to your needs, lessons can be scheduled on a daily basis or for longer than the typical hour. Clients whose profession depends upon their quality of movement (athletes, musicians, actors, dancers) schedule entire mornings or afternoons to cover specific activities in more depth and detail. Many clients also combine their private sessions with weekly classes, and home study of Awareness Through Movement lessons I assign.
The important thing is for you to feel oriented in your progress, to develop a consistent daily practice,
and to gradually embody the movement principles we study.   

If you’d prefer to schedule by phone or text, contact me at 347-460-9359, or through the contact page.