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Photo by Carey Haskell, GCFP

For many Feldenkrais practitioners, their post graduate training often consists of a string of “advanced trainings”. Over the years, I have come to see this particular way of training as offering limited returns. The curriculum and demonstrations flow from the trainer, and the students rarely get the opportunity to present their own abilities in the light of day for exploration, questions and deeper consideration with their peers.  

To become a highly competent teacher in this work requires dedicated personal practice, a consistent professional practice, and the support of a reflective community of peers and mentors. Through this support, a practitioner can move from the initial orientation of a training program where you see the mountain of material at your disposal and its vast potential, to a more mature practice where you mine the mountain.

With the practitioners I mentor, their goals, abilities and challenges are at the center of our study. Our time together should not be about how good a teacher I am but rather how good a teacher they can become.

This new mentoring program in New York City is an opportunity for practitioners of all levels to clarify (confess?) questions that arise from working with themselves and their clients:  questions of internal technique, of assessment, strategies for maintaining the space for creativity in the lesson. The stage is set to dive deeper and create a clearer basis for our understanding and execution.

My goal as a mentor is to help practitioners grow and improve, so they can have a successful and satisfying way of making a living.


Jeff's graduate program for practitioners will start in 2015 and be announced soon. 


Date, location and tuition information is to be announced. 

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