A Coaching Program for Performing Artists & Athletes

As an artist or athlete, the moment you find a superior way of moving and supporting yourself from the ground up, you're connected to a stronger, safer and more effective place from which to act.

That moment of clarity, and the discipline that flows from finding it again and again, is what my work is all about.  I train athletes to develop their own internal resources so they can organize for effortless power, serious accuracy and deep, personal practice. This is a personal education for those who want an intelligent understanding of peak performance.

In my work I’ve coached artists and athletes to recover from crippling injuries and replace will with skill, helped world class musicians go from career-threatening pain to effortless artistry, and brought martial artists to a clearer understanding of techniques they’ve practiced, and often taught, for decades. Not only do you learn to organize yourself better for your profession, you stand stronger and move better in your life. You'll learn to train and value your body and your awareness as a rich, renewable resources.  

We enter this learning process together.  Our sessions alternate between quiet, focused hands on work, demonstration and exploration, conversation and questions, and a study of the essential biomechanical principles.  You’ll also tackle specific homework and personal practices as part of your education and training. Instead of learning a patchwork of exercises and stretches, you'll build a foundation of profound skill, sensitivity, strength and clarity from which you can flourish in your sport or art—this includes music, dance, acting, golf, running, tennis, swimming, hockey, baseball, football, and yoga, pilates and crossfit devotees. 

As a client you’ll develop the skills to:

What amazes me in working with Andrew is his command of the principles of the body in action.
— Janet Lawson, Grammy Nomiated Jazz Musician, Vocalist
  1. Ask better questions to clarify what you need.
  2. Master the biomechanical principles that govern superior athletic function.
  3. Understand your abilities as a result of self education and training (testable, growable), rather than “raw talent” (fixed resource).
  4. Refine your internal, kinaesthetic image of your body in action (the “felt sense”).
  5. Train for the specific skeletal support that releases your muscles for accuracy & stamina.
  6. Use weight and resistance training as a study of efficiency.
  7. Pinpoint the ways you maintain compensations for your injuries, even in the “stretches & exercises” meant to fix/heal them.
  8. Develop a presence with yourself and others that sharpens your awareness and skill.
  9. Be in creative and supportive conversation with yourself.
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Tap your potential for greater precision in your self-organization, flexibility and performance. 

 Move lighter, longer, and stronger than ever before!

Create flexible, relaxed and functionally fit shoulders, arms, and hands.