Feldenkrais for Musicians

Feldenkrais® for Pianists

Pianists are engaged in a whole-body activity — "small muscle athletes" we've been called.  But because our hands seem to do almost everything at the instrument, our attention often becomes limited to only what we see moving across the keyboard.  In fact, most pianists develop a huge blind spot for how the whole body creates and sustains the freedom and power in their hands and arms.

Feldenkrais is a daily practice that can help you connect your actions to the surfaces that support you (the bench and the floor) and gives you a clear access to power, delicacy and dexterity in any activity.  With study, your piano practice can become more specific, and your sitting posture stable, supported and more potent for self expression in your music. 

Andrew Gibbons is an experienced Feldenkrais teacher and a classically trained pianist who works with professional musicians in his private practice and in workshops. For the past three summers he has taught The Feldenkrais Method at the Marlboro Music Festival in Vermont, working with world class performers on the art of self-use at their instruments.